Quotzi: A Quick Overview

Introducing Quotzi, the latest brain-teasing creation from renowned game developer Michael F.C. Crick, famous for his word games like WordHai(R), Jotto, and Chains. Quotzi challenges players to decipher famous quotes and is set to be released on both mobile and PC platforms.

In Quotzi, players dive into a world of famous quotes, putting their wit and wisdom to the test. Whether you're a literature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply love a good quote, Quotzi offers a delightful intellectual challenge. Can you identify the source of the wisdom or humor concealed within each line?

What to Expect:

Diverse Quote Collection: Quotzi boasts an extensive library of quotes from various sources, offering a wide array of challenges. Varied Game Modes: Experience different game modes, each with its unique twist on the quote-guessing adventure. Keep the fun going by testing your skills in various ways. Cross-Platform Fun: Quotzi will be available on both mobile and PC platforms, ensuring you can enjoy the game wherever and whenever you prefer.

Meet the Mastermind: Michael F.C. Crick

Michael F.C. Crick, a seasoned game developer, has a legacy of creating captivating word games. His track record of entertaining and challenging players continues with Quotzi, promising an exciting and intellectually stimulating gaming experience.

Join the Quotzi Community

Stay connected with fellow quote enthusiasts, share your progress, and stay updated on social media. Quotzi promises to be the ultimate quote-guessing game you won't want to miss! Prepare to unravel the world of quotes with Quotzi, coming soon to mobile and PC. Stay tuned for release updates and get ready to test your knowledge and wit in this exciting new game.

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