About Us

About Us

More Than a Regular Ol’ Game Publisher

Connecting a game project with a publisher who will give it the time, care, and resources it requires to fully bloom into a culture-making hit is one of the greatest challenges development teams face in the video game industry. HitBox was founded with one goal: to make this transition as seamless, transparent, and easy as possible. Our ethos is that “happy developers make great games.” No matter the vision, our team is here to help our developers bring it to fruition.

Making games with HitBox isn’t like any same old, same old day job in the games industry. We pride ourselves on putting our team members first and we’re constantly refining our best practices, communication and workflows to build the best remote team possible.


You’ve heard, “Think globally, deliver locally”? We live it. Our publishing model relies on accurate, data-driven results from myriad marketplaces across the planet. We excel at matching games with their perfect audience, and ensure our developers have the support they need to make those dreams become a reality.

Ready to take your game to the next level?